Thoughts on Value-Based Fees for Agile Software Projects

Here's a quandary - we, as value-based IT consultants, aspire to charge value-based fees for our services (how obvious!). We know that doing so requires tight scope control. As such, this often requires a detailed specification. However, this is the very waterfall model that the agile movement shuns. How do you reconcile scope control, customer [...]

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Evangelizing Yourself

A phenomenally inspiring presentation by Whitney Hess from IA Summit 2009. This really hits home for me, as I'm also a self-promoting introvert. View more documents from Whitney Hess.

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Questioning the Billable Hour part 3: Seven Industries

Situation A: Is Faster Service Worth More? Your computer is not working properly. You have tried to understand the problem and find a solution that you can implement yourself. Yet, after trying, you are no closer to a solution, you find the situation aggravating, and you decide that there’s no point in continuing to attempt [...]

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Why I Never Bill by the Hour

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I'm an advocate of Value-Based Fees. In a nutshell, here is the value proposition to the prospective client: There is a cap on your investment. You know exactly what is to be spent and there are no surprises. There is never [...]

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Determining Value-Based Fees for Software Projects – Part 3

I followed up on David Winch's last points with some more of my own: "Now, all I need is a few prospects on whom to practice! But I'm sure 'how do I find clients?' is a huge component of your workshop, so I do not presume to receive such a detailed response to that one. [...]

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